An application component is defined as a modular, deployable, and replaceable part of a system that encapsulates its contents and exposes its functionality through a set of interfaces.

An application component is a self-contained unit of functionality at the Application level. It performs one or more application functions.

It is re-usable, and replaceable. It is only accessible through a set of application interfaces.

Co-operating application components are connected via application collaborations.

An application component may be assigned to one or more application functions, business processes, or business functions.

An application component has one or more application interfaces, which exposes its functionality.

The name of an application component should preferably be a noun.

Category: Application Layer and Active structure aspect

Examples: CRM System, Web portal, Financial Application, Customer Data Access.

Typical Relationships:

  • Used by - application component
  • Composition - application component
  • Realisation - application service
  • Assignment - application function, business process, business function

Source: Archimate 2.1, Chapter 4 Application Layer

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