The Enterprise Architecture Framework defines six layers for modelling an enterprise. Three of these layers are core (ArchiMate 2.1 Chapter 2.5 Layering). In addition there is one "layer extension" for modelling change, one layer for modelling strategy and one for modelling physical facilities, equipment and distribution networks.

  • The Strategy elements.
  • The Business Layer offers products and services to external customers, which are realized in the organization by business processes performed by business actors.
  • The Application Layer supports the business layer with application services which are realized by (software) applications.
  • The Technology Layer offers infrastructure services (e.g., processing, storage, and communication services) needed to run applications, realized by computer and communication hardware and system software.
  • The Physical Elements.
  • The Implementation and Migration Extension to model programs and projects to support program, portfolio, and project management, and a plateau concept to support migration planning.
  • The "aspect extension" Motivation Extension is used to model motivational concepts such as goal, Principle and requirement.

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