The competence goals for level 5 - Ensure/advise in the competence area Civic participation addresses autonomy, influence, complexity and social skills.
Change (Social)

Takes stakeholder requirements into account when making proposals. Takes initiatives to keep skills up to date. Mentors more junior colleagues. Maintains an awareness of developments in the industry or sector.

Monitoring & Evaluation (Social)

Analyses, diagnoses, designs, plans, executes and evaluates work to time, cost and quality targets.


Autonomy: Acts under broad direction. Is fully accountable for own specialist work and/or project/supervisory responsibilities. Receives assignments in the form of objectives. Establishes own milestones and team objectives, and delegates responsibilities. Work is often self-initiated.
Influence: The person influences a broad range of relations on the contribution of own specialisation. Has significant responsibility for the work of others and for the allocation of resources. Makes decisions which impact on the success of assigned projects i.e. results, deadlines and budget. Develops business relationships with customers.
Complexity: Performs a challenging range and variety of complex technical or professional work activities. Undertakes work which requires the application of fundamental principles in a wide and often unpredictable range of contexts. Understands the relationship between own specialism and wider stakeholder/relations requirements.
Social skills: Advises on the available standards, methods, tools and applications relevant to own specialism and makes correct choices from alternatives. Communicates effectively, formally and informally with colleagues, subordinates and customers. Demonstrates leadership. Facilitates collaboration between stakeholders who have diverse objectives. Understands the relevance of the own area of responsibility/specialisation to the employing organisation or context.