Class 0453 Railway transport (CS) of Classification of the Functions of Government (COFOG):
  • Administration of affairs and services concerning operation, use, construction or maintenance of railway transport systems and facilities (railway roadbeds, terminals, tunnels, bridges, embankments, cuttings, etc.);
  • supervision and regulation of railway users (rolling stock condition, roadbed stability, passenger safety, security of freight, etc.), of railway transport system operations (granting of franchises, approval of freight tariffs and passenger fares and of hours and frequency of service, etc.) and of railway construction and maintenance;
  • construction or operation of non-enterprise-type railway transport systems and facilities;
  • production and dissemination of general information, technical documentation and statistics on railway transport system operations and on railway construction activities;
  • grants, loans or subsidies to support the operation, construction, maintenance or upgrading of railway transport systems and facilities.

Includes: long-line and interurban railway transport systems, urban rapid transit railway transport systems and street railway transport systems; acquisition and maintenance of rolling stock.


Corresponding ISICv4 classes: #isic8413 - Regulation of and contribution to more efficient operation of businesses

providing services #cpc91134 - Public administrative services related to transport and communications

for these activities:

#isic491 - Transport via railways

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