Class 0732 Specialized hospital services (IS) of Classification of the Functions of Government (COFOG):

Specialized hospitals differ from general hospitals in that their services are limited to treatment of a particular condition, disease, or class of patient, for example, diseases of the chest and tuberculosis, leprosy, cancer, otorhinolaryngology, psychiatry, obstetrics, paediatrics and so forth.

  • Provision of specialized hospital services;
  • administration, inspection, operation or support of hospitals that limit their services to a particular medical speciality.

Excludes: maternity centres not under the direct supervision of a qualified medical doctor (#cofog0733 - Medical and maternity centre services (IS)).

Corresponding ISICv4 class: #isic8430 - Compulsory social security activities

related to these activities: #isic8610 - Hospital activities
providing these services: