Class 0830 Broadcasting and publishing services (CS) of Classification of the Functions of Government (COFOG):
  • Administration of broadcasting and publishing affairs;
  • supervision and regulation of broadcasting and publishing services;
  • operation or support of broadcasting and publishing services;
  • grants, loans or subsidies to support:
    • the construction or acquisition of facilities for television or radio broadcasting;
    • the construction or acquisition of plant, equipment or materials for newspaper, magazine or book publishing;
    • the production of material for, and its presentation by, broadcasting; the gathering of news or other information;
    • the distribution of published works.

Excludes: government printing offices and plants (#cofog0133 - Other general services (CS)); provision of education by radio or television broadcasting (#cofog09 - Education).

Corresponding ISICv4 class: #isic8412 - Regulation of the activities of providing health care, education, cultural services and other social services, excluding social security

related to and in support of these activities:

providing services:

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