Class 1050 Unemployment (IS) of Classification of the Functions of Government (COFOG):
  • Provision of social protection in the form of cash benefits and benefits in kind to persons who are capable of work, available for work but are unable to find suitable employment;
  • administration, operation or support of such social protection schemes;
  • cash benefits, such as full and partial unemployment benefits, early retirement benefits paid to older workers who retire before reaching the standard retirement age due to unemployment or job reduction caused by economic measures, allowances to targeted groups in the labour force who take part in training schemes intended to develop their potential for employment, redundancy compensation, other periodic or lump-sum payments to the unemployed, particularly the long-term unemployed;
  • benefits in kind, such as mobility and resettlement payments, vocational training provided to persons without a job or retraining provided to persons at risk of losing their job, accommodation, food or clothes provided to unemployed persons and their families.


  • general programmes or schemes directed towards increasing labour mobility, reducing the rate of unemployment or promoting the employment of disadvantaged or other groups characterized by high unemployment (#cofog0412 - General labour affairs (CS));
  • cash benefits and benefits in kind paid to unemployed persons on reaching the standard retirement age (#cofog1020 - Old age (IS)).

Corresponding ISICv4 class: #isic8430 - Compulsory social security activities

providing services #cpc9133 - Administrative services related to unemployment compensation benefit schemes