Generic description:
Defines, validates and makes applicable service level agreements (SLA) and underpinning contracts for services offered. Negotiates service performance levels taking into account the needs and capacity of customers and business.

Competence area: e-CF area A. Plan

Proficiency levels:
e-CF level Description Profiles (CWA16458)
3 Ensures the content of the SLA.
4 Negotiates revision of SLAs, in accordance with the overall objectives. Ensures the achievement of planned results. Service manager

Knowledge examples (Knows /aware of/ Familiar with:)

  • K1 SLA documentation
  • K2 how to compare and interpret management data
  • K3 the elements forming the metrics of service level agreements
  • K4 how service delivery infrastructures work
  • K5 impact of service level non-compliance on business performance
  • K6 ICT security standards
  • K7 ICT quality standards

Skill examples (Able to:)

  • S1 analyse service provision records
  • S2 evaluate service provision against service level agreement
  • S3 negotiate realistic service level targets
  • S4 use relevant quality management techniques
  • S5 anticipate and mitigate against potential service disruptions