Generic description:
Integrates hardware, software or sub system components into an existing or a new system. Complies with established processes and procedures such as, configuration management and package maintenance. Takes into account the compatibility of existing and new modules to ensure system integrity, system interoperability and information security. Verifies and tests system capacity and performance and documentation of successful integration.

Competence area: e-CF area B. Build

Proficiency levels:
e-CF level Description Profiles (CWA16458)
2 Acts systematically to identify compatibility of software and hardware specifications. Documents all activities during installation and records deviations and remedial activities. Database administrator, Developer, Network specialist, Systems administrator, Test specialist
3 Accounts for own and others actions in the integration process. Complies with appropriate standards and change control procedures to maintain integrity of the overall system functionality and reliability. Database administrator, Network specialist, Test specialist
4 Exploits wide ranging specialist knowledge to create a process for the entire integration cycle, including the establishment of internal standards of practice. Provides leadership to marshal and assign resources for programmes of integration. Systems architect

Knowledge examples (Knows /aware of/ Familiar with:)

  • K1 old, existing and new hardware components/software programs/modules
  • K2 the impact that system integration has on existing system/organisation
  • K3 interfacing techniques between modules, systems and components
  • K4 integration testing techniques
  • K5 development tools (e.g. development environment, management, source code access/revision control)
  • K6 best practice design techniques

Skill examples (Able to:)

  • S1 measure system performance before, during and after system integration
  • S2 document and record activities, problems and related repair activities
  • S3 match customers’ needs with existing products
  • S4 verify that integrated systems capabilities and efficiency match specifications
  • S5 secure /back-up data to ensure integrity during system integration