Generic description:
Establishes and maintains positive business relationships between stakeholders (internal or external) deploying and complying with organisational processes. Maintains regular communication with customer / partner / supplier, and addresses needs through empathy with their environment and managing supply chain communications. Ensures that stakeholder needs, concerns or complaints are understood and addressed in accordance with organisational policy.

Competence area: e-CF area E. Manage

Proficiency levels:
e-CF level Description Profiles (CWA16458)
3 Accounts for own and others actions in managing a limited number of stakeholders. Project manager
4 Provides leadership for large or many stakeholder relationships. Authorises investment in new and existing relationships. Leads the design of a workable procedure for maintaining positive business relationships. Account manager, Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Knowledge examples (Knows /aware of/ Familiar with:)

  • K1 organisation processes including, decision making, budgets and management structure
  • K2 business objectives, own and of other stakeholders
  • K3 how to measure and apply resources to meet stakeholder requirements
  • K4 business challenges and risks

Skill examples (Able to:)

  • S1 deploy empathy to customer needs
  • S2 identify potential win win opportunities for customer and own organisation
  • S3 establish realistic expectations to support development of mutual trust
  • S4 monitor ongoing commitments to ensure fulfilment
  • S5 communicate good and bad news to avoid surprises