The Implementation and Migration extension of the ArchiMate Framework adds concepts to support the late (TOGAF) Architecture Development Method phases, related to the implementation and migration of an Enterprise Architecture: Phase E (Opportunities and Solutions), Phase F (Migration Planning), and Phase G (Implementation Governance).

These are the concepts for the Implementation and Migration Extension in the ArchiMate Framework :

This figure shows the graphical representation of the implementation and migration model elements and the key relationships.

The graphical representation of ArchiMate's implementation and migration concepts

The relationship of these model elements with strategy and motivation elements is illustrated in the Driver goal gap pattern (Check & Plan).

Source: Archimate 2.1, Chapter 11 Implementation and Migration Extension.

The figure has been created with the free ArchiMate modelling tool Archi.

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The implementation and migration extension model elements are particularly relevant for the mission outcomes and planning detail at the segment, agency, sector, federal, national and international in the common approach of the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework, and this under the guidance of General principles.