The Integration Reference Model (IRM) is one of the Reference Models of the IndEA Framework (#IndEAIRM) which is not included as a reference model in the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework.

Integration of Governmental Business processes and services across the breadth of the enterprise is needed for delivering the services conveniently to the citizens on a sustainable basis. Government entities need to organize, secure, prioritize, classify, and publish the information needed by other entities for seamless interoperability. IRM consists of 6-layers of integration, namely, Performance, Process, Service, Application, Data and Infrastructure.

The objective of the IRM is to identify all the technology options for integration and provide guidelines and recommendations for integrating business applications, services, information systems and platforms for a boundary-less information flow.

Given the accent of IndEA on providing ONE Government experience to the users, the Integration Architecture assumes special importance.


Source: The IndEA document at the India Enterprise Architecture (IndEA) website.