Class 1812 - Service activities related to printing of International Standard Industrial Classifications of All Economic Activities (ISIC) Rev.4 .

This class includes:

  • binding of printed sheets, e.g. into books, brochures, magazines, catalogues etc., by folding, assembling, stitching, glueing, collating, basting, adhesive binding, trimming, gold stamping
  • composition, typesetting, phototypesetting, pre-press data input including scanning and optical character recognition, electronic make-up
  • plate-making services including imagesetting and plate-setting (for the printing processes letterpress and offset)
  • engraving (#cpc3896) or etching of cylinders for gravure
  • plate processes direct to plate (also photopolymer plates)
  • preparation of plates and dies for relief stamping or printing
  • production of proofs
  • artistic work including preparation of litho stones and prepared woodblocks
  • production of reprographic products (#cpc8912)
  • design of printing products e.g. sketches, layouts, dummies etc.
  • other graphic activities such as die-sinking or die-stamping, Braille copying, punching and drilling, embossing, varnishing and laminating, collating and insetting, creasing


CPC Division #cpc891 - Publishing, printing and reproduction services with group

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