Class 2431 - Casting of iron and steel of International Standard Industrial Classifications of All Economic Activities (ISIC) Rev.4 includes the casting of iron and steel, i.e. the activities of iron and steel foundries.

This class includes:

  • casting of semi-finished iron products
  • casting of grey iron castings
  • casting of spheroidal graphite iron castings
  • casting of malleable cast-iron products
  • casting of semi-finished steel products
  • casting of steel castings (#cpc8931)
  • manufacture of tubes, pipes and hollow profiles and of tube or pipe fittings of castiron
  • manufacture of seamless tubes and pipes of steel by centrifugal casting
  • manufacture of tube or pipe fittings of cast-steel


CPC Group #cpc893 - Casting, forging, stamping and similar metal manufacturing services with classes

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