Class 2930 - Manufacture of parts and accessories for motor vehicles of International Standard Industrial Classifications of All Economic Activities (ISIC) Rev.4 .

This class includes:

  • manufacture of diverse parts and accessories for motor vehicles (#cpc4923):
    • brakes, gearboxes, axles, road wheels, suspension shock absorbers, radiators, silencers, exhaust pipes, catalytic converters, clutches, steering wheels, steering columns and steering boxes
  • manufacture of parts and accessories of bodies for motor vehicles:
    • safety belts, airbags, doors, bumpers
  • manufacture of car seats
  • manufacture of motor vehicle electrical equipment, such as generators, alternators, spark plugs, ignition wiring harnesses, power window and door systems, assembly of purchased gauges into instrument panels, voltage regulators, etc.

This class excludes:


CPC Group #cpc491 - Motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers; parts and accessories thereof with classes

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