Class 3313 - Repair of electronic and optical equipment of International Standard Industrial Classifications of All Economic Activities (ISIC) Rev.4 includes the repair and maintenance of goods produced in groups 265, 266 and 267, except those that are considered household goods.

This class includes:

  • repair and maintenance of the measuring, testing, navigating and control equipment (#cpc8715) of group 265, such as:
    • aircraft engine instruments
    • automotive emissions testing equipment
    • meteorological instruments
    • physical, electrical and chemical properties testing and inspection equipment
    • surveying instruments
    • radiation detection and monitoring instruments
  • repair and maintenance of irradiation, electromedical and electrotherapeutic equipment of class 2660, such as:
    • magnetic resonance imaging equipment
    • medical ultrasound equipment
    • pacemakers
    • hearing aids
    • electrocardiographs
    • electromedical endoscopic equipment
    • irradiation apparatus
  • repair and maintenance of optical instruments and equipment of class 2670, if the use is mainly commercial, such as:
    • binoculars
    • microscopes (except electron and proton microscopes)
    • telescopes
    • prisms and lenses (except ophthalmic)
    • photographic equipment

This class excludes:


CPC Group #cpc871 - Maintenance and repair services of fabricated metal products, machinery and equipment with classes

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