Class 8129 - Other building and industrial cleaning activities of International Standard Industrial Classifications of All Economic Activities (ISIC) Rev.4 .

This class includes:

  • exterior cleaning of buildings of all types (#cpc8533), including offices, factories, shops, institutions and other business and professional premises and multiunit residential buildings
  • specialized cleaning activities for buildings such as window cleaning (#cpc8532), chimney cleaning and cleaning of fireplaces, stoves, furnaces, incinerators, boilers, ventilation ducts and exhaust units
  • swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services
  • cleaning of industrial machinery
  • bottle cleaning
  • cleaning of trains, buses, planes, etc.
  • cleaning of the inside of road and sea tankers
  • disinfecting and exterminating activities (#cpc8531)
  • street sweeping and snow and ice removal
  • other building and industrial cleaning activities, n.e.c.

This class excludes:


CPC Group #cpc853 - Cleaning services with classes

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