Class 9499 - Activities of other membership organizations n.e.c. of International Standard Industrial Classifications of All Economic Activities (ISIC) Rev.4 .

This class includes:

  • activities of organizations not directly affiliated to a political party furthering a public cause or issue by means of public education, political influence, fund-raising etc. (#cpc9599) :
    • citizens initiative or protest movements
    • environmental and ecological movements
    • organizations supporting community and educational facilities n.e.c.
    • organizations for the protection and betterment of special groups, e.g. ethnic and minority groups
    • associations for patriotic purposes, including war veterans’ associations
  • consumer associations
  • automobile associations
  • associations for the purpose of social acquaintanceship such as rotary clubs, lodges etc.
  • associations of youth, young persons’ associations, student associations, clubs and fraternities etc.
  • associations for the pursuit of a cultural or recreational activity or hobby (other than sports or games), e.g. poetry, literature and book clubs, historical clubs, gardening clubs, film and photo clubs, music and art clubs, craft and collectors’ clubs, social clubs, carnival clubs etc.

This class also includes:

  • grant giving activities by membership organizations or others

This class excludes:


CPC Group #cpc959 - Services furnished by other membership organizations with class:

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