A Pico journey (map) maps the configuring of some capabilities and resources, and the reporting undertaken by a pico actor or physical person, this is a social actor operating at the pico level in a social architecture.

Check #crg4VSR - Common reporting guidelines for Voluntary Stakeholder Reports for guidelines for the reporting about a pico journey's contribution to the sustainable development goals.

Check customer journey maps and hashtag #PicoJourneys (Twitter) for approaches and challenges in the mapping of pico journeys

Below figure uses the Archimate model elements Course of Action, Capability, Resource, Outcome, Goal to explain how Hashtags - systematically defined and #xy2wiki, applied in public-sphere communications empowers Pico Journeys by making content more readily accessible. This in its turn will influence individual contributions towards the Sustainable development goals (#SDGs).

Meso journeys and macro journeys provide Lifeworld content that is organised in accordance with the topic dimensions:

Knowledge about Hashtags - systematically defined and the descriptions in the own language of all topics and definitions serve the learning and development of both Reading and writing and digital literacy.

For many languages the editing and publishing of wikis in the own language contribute to reducing the digital content gap.

#tagcoding and #xy2wiki empowering the pico journeys of people in any language.