A Junction is used to connect relationships of the same type. A Junction may have multiple incoming relationships and one outgoing relationship, one incoming relationship and multiple outgoing relationships, or multiple incoming and outgoing relationships.

The relationships that can be used in combination with a Junction are all the dynamic relationships, as well as Assignment, Realization, and Association. A Junction is used to explicitly express that several elements together participate in the relationship (and Junction) or that one of the elements participates in the relationship (or Junction).

Ensure that only relationships of the same type are used to connect elements and Junctions.

There are two types - And and Or.

Category: Other.

Example: An "assess application" Business Process can lead to a choice Junction (split) to accept or reject the client application and route to alternative processes for each case.

Source: ArchiMate® 3.0 Specification - Chapter 4.6 Composite elements.