The competence goals for level 4 in the competence area reading and writing are:

At this level the adult should be able to

  • adapt his/her reading and writing to the medium, setting and need
  • use professional skills and other pre-existing knowledge to read critically
  • assess and analyse texts in a critical manner
  • identify and use various stylistic elements in different text types
  • vary between skimming, in-depth reading and searching through texts as needed
  • reflect on direct and indirect information in a text
  • organize the content of texts as needed
  • structure a text chronologically or thematically
  • choose varied strategies for writing different types of texts
  • relate critically to his/her own writing and employ strategies for writing more appropriately

Reading and writing skills can be applied in various ways in working life, private life and educational activities. The examples below are illustrative and could be extended with other examples that are relevant to a person.
  • write a scholarship application in which all requested information is included and at an appropriate level of detail
  • skim through a manual to find the solution to a practical problem and read the required information in depth
  • produce a brief, to-the-point presentation of a longer report
  • prepare for writing a job application by collecting and structuring arguments
  • collect information on children’s use of the Internet from journals, newspapers and websites to hold a presentation of this issue at a parent-teacher conference
  • read technical literature and summarize the content as needed
  • write an outline and a draft of a written assignment
  • restructure written assignments on the basis of feedback from fellow students

Source: Vox, Norwegian Agency for Lifelong Learning (2013) Competence goals for basic skills - Examples of local curricula in reading and writing, numeracy, digital skills and oral skills (url)