Managing Portfolio stakeholders is an important portfolio management activity to involve the portfolio stakeholders, discover their needs and assure the portfolio realises the intended objectives.

The responsibility for this activity belongs to the item:portfolio-manager (PfM) in general. However, the item:portfolio-steering-committee (PfSC) members should be actively involved in managing the stakeholders of more specific business domains.


  • Analyse the expectations, attitudes, level of interest and influence of the key portfolio stakeholders.
  • Devise appropriate communication and management strategies with the purpose of achieving stakeholder involvement and contribution.
  • Continually monitor how stakeholders react or change their attitudes and strategise or manage accordingly. A one-off analysis exercise is not enough, as portfolios have long lifespans.
  • Ensure that each planned stakeholder management activity is time-bound and focused. Keep in mind that the contribution/involvement of the various stakeholders may be different depending on their interests.

Tools & Techniques

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