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Two fusarium-resistant improved pigeonpea varieties are ICEAP 00040 and ICEAP 00053. ICEAP 00053 resists wilt, is high yielding, large-seeded and widely grown in Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya and Mozambique, increasing farmer's income up to 80%.
Contact: Said Silim; email: gro.raigc|milis.s#gro.raigc|milis.s.
Source: Harvesting the Seeds of Success of ICRISAT's Research.

There is a detailed study on its use in northern Tanzania: Poverty Reduction Effects of Agricultural Technology: A Micro-evidence from Tanzania (2011) by Solomon Asfaw, Menale Kassie, Franklin Simtowe and Leslie Lipper.

This crop is listed in the Annex I List of Crops Covered under the Multilateral System of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

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