The competence goals for level 3 in the competence area oral skills are:

At this level the adult should be able to

  • establish and maintain conversations in daily situations
  • adapt his/her use of language to the recipient, purpose and situation
  • reflect on his/her communication challenges
  • adapt pronunciation to the recipient and the situation
  • use strategies to decode unfamiliar pronunciation and forms of expression
  • use strategies to clarify and confirm shared understanding
  • use various strategies to learn new idiomatic expressions, words and terms

Oral skills can be applied in various ways in the working life, private life and educational activities. The examples below are illustrative and could be extended with other examples that are relevant to a person.
  • ask for a repetition if one has failed to understand instructions about how to use a Laundromat
  • understand the main content of a feature story on TV
  • understand an oral description of a commodity
  • understand the user manual for a purchased item
  • ask a colleague or a manager to repeat work instructions to ensure shared understanding
  • comprehend information and messages pertaining to one’s own work at personnel meetings
  • be aware of unfamiliar technical terms and ask for a repetition and explanation as needed
  • participate in parent-teacher conferences and understand any information that must be passed on to the children
  • follow the gist of a group conversation among colleagues during a break
  • understand the main content of a presentation on a familiar topic
  • comprehend messages about preparations
  • understand instructions on how to use a computer
  • listen actively in group conversations
  • listen to technical texts being read aloud with the aid of speech generation software
  • distinguish between information and argumentation

Source: Vox, Norwegian Agency for Lifelong Learning (2013) Competence goals for basic skills - Examples of local curricula in reading and writing, numeracy, digital skills and oral skills (url)