The Portfolio Stakeholder Matrix is where the critical stakeholders of the portfolio are identified and analysed. It is the basis for stakeholder management and communication activities to assure that stakeholders expectations are answered.


  • Identify the portfolio key stakeholders, analyse their expectations, attitude, level of interest and influence;
  • Devise appropriate communication and management strategies to achieve stakeholder involvement and contribution;
  • Monitor stakeholders' reactions and re-strategise and manage accordingly;
  • A one-off exercise is not enough; repeat these steps as necessary.

Content (if available)

  • Overview of the portfolio stakeholders: name, organisational position, portfolio role
  • Influence / impact diagram
  • Per stakeholder:
    • Contact details
    • Influence in the organisation and potential impact on the portfolio
    • Interests and expectations
    • Concerns

Source: European Commission, Council of the European Union, Directorate-General for Informatics, General Secretariat of the Council, PM² portfolio management guide : v1.5, Publications Office, 2022,

Consideration Give due attention to stakeholders who are not named.