A system software represents a software environment for specific types of components and objects that are deployed on it in the form of artifacts.

System software is a specialisation of a node that is used to model the software environment in which artifacts run. System software can also be used to represent communication middleware.

Usually, system software is combined with a device representing the hardware environment to form a general node.

System software can be assigned to a device.

Artifacts can be assigned to (i.e., deployed on) system software.

A node can contain system software.

The name of system software should preferably be a noun referring to the type of execution environment; e.g., "J2EE server".

System software may contain other system software; e.g., an operating system containing a database.

Category: Technology Layer and Active structure aspect

Examples: DBMS, DB2 System Software, Message Queuing, Operating System, J2EE Application Server

Typical Relationships:

  • Assignment - device, artifact

Source: Archimate 2.1, Chapter 5 Technology Layer