An technology function is a function at the Technology Layer.

It groups infrastructural behavior that can be performed by a node.

For the user of a node that performs an technology function, this function is invisible. If its behavior is exposed externally, this is done through one or more technology services. An technology function abstracts from the way it is implemented. Only the necessary behavior is specified.

An technology function may realize technology services. Technology services of other technologyfunctions may be used by an technology function. An technology function may access artifacts. A node may be assigned to an technology function (which means that the node performs the technology function).

The name of an technology function should preferably be a verb ending with "-ing"; e.g., "Managing data".

Category: Technology Layer and Behaviour aspect

Examples: Providing Data Access, Managing Data.

Typical Relationships:

  • Used by - node
  • Realisation - infrastructure service
  • Assignment - node