In the notion of a topic dimension we combine the third definition of Dimension (dimension as an aspect or feature of a situation) with the property of coordinates that they exist for every point in a multi-dimensional "space" of interest.

In our society, the space of interest comprises all possible situations for which comparable features have been defined or named, the topics. All topics that can be related to one another are grouped in one dimension, and the group of topics is such that for every possible situation, the topic dimensions includes a term, or topic.

The topic dimensions that are of general interest in the contemporary society (Sociotope and Technotope) and for which the #tagcoding handbook introduces Hashtags - systematically defined and proposes #tag2wiki pages include these:

Topic dimension #tagcoding hashtags
the sustainable development goals and targets #SDGs hashtags
economic activities #isicWW hashtags
functions of government #cofog hashtags
products and services #CPC hashtags
local government units in countries #WWlgu hashtags

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