Digital Public sphere in for the language Xy via the #xy2wiki capability: capture Lifeworld and Public sphere content in Xy on wiki pages to make it widely accessible and boost literacy and empowerment of minority communities in .

Progress: Xy is not a language code.

This page is the programme page for the #xy2wiki projects, where xy is a ISO 639-1 or a ISO 639-2 code of a language.

For below language projects, a community site application has been created.

The programme has a description at Global Innovation Exchange: for an accelerated localization of knowledge for sustainable development. If you are a native speaker of one these languages and willing to cooperate for further translating and improving the #tagpivot and the supporting into one of those languages, kindly contact us there (at the Global Innovation Exchange).

You may also contact us if you are a native speaker of another language listed at Language and you would like to cooperate in a project for creating the #tagpivot and supporting for your language, where xy is the 2 or 3 character ISO 639 code of the language.

Regarding the possibilities to create and contribute to a, check Global Innovation Exchange: #tagcoding and #tag2wiki for an accelerated localization of knowledge for sustainable development and the page.

#Xy needs #digitalPublicGoods - #digicoop1b: use #digicoop1xy - #xyCoding - #xy2wiki to create and share those!

#Xy needs online library services (#cpc8451, #lib4dev): #cpc8451xy - make #digicoop1xy deliver !

#Literacy in #Xy goes hand in hand with content for & about Community, Social & Personal services #cpc9: enable a #cpc9xy journey, #LeavingNoOneBehind